Dominion Mortgage Corporation
Dominion Mortgage Corporation

James Bradley
Certified Mortgage Planner

2810 N. Parham Rd Suite 245
Richmond, VA 23294
Phone (804) 467-6080
Fax (804) 414-9861

We are your local home buying specialists and will find you the best loan at the best rate for your home financing needs and goals, every time.

Prequalification Is Critical

Getting pre-qualified for a loan is critical in today's real estate environment. By going through the loan process prior to signing a purchase contract on a home, you can eliminate all of the obstacles to borrowing without jeopardizing an actual purchase transaction. Once your loan is approved, your real loan closing will be quick and subject only to a satisfactory appraisal and title report on the home.

Whether you want to get a better rate and lower payments, get cash for home improvements, college education or consolidating debts, we are your local refinance specialists and have the perfect loan for you.

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