Benchmark Mortgage, Inc.
Benchmark Mortgage, Inc.

6800 Paragon Place,
Suite 475
Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: 804-673-1900

Benchmark Mortgage is a state chartered mortgage banking firm headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. The company was organized in April, 1987 and commenced operations in 1990. With five offices in Virginia and one in North Carolina, the company is engaged in a variety of mortgage lending activities and offers a broad range of lending services to individual customers. Our lending activities include residential mortgages for purchase money, refinance and construction permanent. We also offer second mortgage loans and home equity lines of credit. Benchmark Mortgage is a full service mortgage lender AND broker. Over 95% of the loans we offer are closed with Benchmark Mortgage, Inc. as the lender of record; however, we are also capable of brokering loans in order to offer the most competitive rates and prices to the customer.

The primary mission of Benchmark Mortgage is to provide the customers with an easy process at very affordable and fair prices. The focus of automation and its application have resulted in success in the internet based lending area of the company. Benchmark has successfully developed a formula that is consistent and duplicated in all of our locations. We realize we are only as good as your last mortgage and the client is the most important ingredient in our success.

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